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The Rwanda School Project’s mission is to provide high quality secondary education in Rwanda. We opened the Rwamagana Leaders’ School in 2010 to offer a secure and nurturing school environment that transforms vulnerable youth into future leaders and problem solvers who champion environmental sustainability and social change.

Thank you for making our first-ever ZOOM event, “Rwanda School Project: 15 Years of Leadership” successful.  Clips of alumni and after-show conversation can be found under “See Our Work/videos” tab.  Here is the recording of that ZOOM event:


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Necessary dorm addition to add bed space

School Reopening

    2020 has been quite a year! Our school was closed in March and reopened in November as a boarding-only school. To accommodate more boarding students, during COVID, we added 60 additional beds to the boys’ dorm to give us a total of 100 for girls and 100 for boys. Thank you for your support over the years, and at this time we are reaching out to you to help us as we move forward with implementing a two-prong interconnected COVID strategy to flourish after a vaccine is available.
1. Build a library. In addition to giving us a much needed library, this addition would free up three classrooms giving us the extra space necessary to implement proper post COVID safety protocols.
2. Increase sponsorship. Because of COVID, all our students need to remain on campus, which has increased our need for sponsors. Currently, we have 79 students who need sponsorship.

Empowering Our Students

     In 2019, five from our first graduating class graduated from Kepler University. One of those graduates, Amani Simbayobewe, founded Rukundo, a nonprofit to “provide resources and support for the street children of Kigali to help them leave behind street life, return to school, and receive the education that will allow them to contribute to society and achieve their dreams.”
Other graduates have been empowered in other ways. Mucyo Pacifique (2017) received a four-year scholarship to the University of Nebraska with the commitment to work for at least five years after graduation to advance the agricultural sector in Rwanda. Ornella Irakoze (2015) founded the IF Foundation to support sustainable community development for single mothers, female Genocide survivors, and families. “I learned a lot in life and I feel like it is my time to give back.”

Food distribution from Rwamagana Campus

Get Involved

     On March 14, 2020 our campus received notification that our school needed to close as part of a nationwide shutdown in Rwanda due to the coronavirus. Since most in Rwanda live month-to-month with no savings, life seems impossible to many. After seeing that our students got home safely, we needed to help beyond the walls of our school building. First, we decided to continue the salaries of our teachers and staff, even though our income from tuition has ceased. Second, we donated $12,500 to help with government food distribution. Third, we prepared food bags to 45 families that stay in our school neighborhood. The need is huge, but resources are limited. The list in our school’s neighborhood has over 1,000 families with more than four members. “We are grateful for the quick response to our generous donors who have stood with us before and during this pandemic and above all to God who enables all of us to do what we do with smiles, love, and compassion.”
—Moses Ssenyonjo, Program Director