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Meet the Founder, Robin Strickler

robin strickler

I started as a middle school music teacher, got an MA in Linguistics, spent time in personnel management and taught English in a Japanese university for eight years: just the right resume for founding a high school in Rwanda! People often ask me “How did you decide to come to Rwanda and start a school?” The simple answer is that I married my husband John, a Rwandan Lutheran pastor who was born in exile in Tanzania. He was offered a slim reed of opportunity to get a secondary education, which made an enormous difference in his life. What he has done with that education is impressive. That and my own two very different experiences in two high schools convinced me that quality education is very much a “game-changer”. Rwanda is in the midst of a very serious change: from grinding poverty, war and genocide to a successful and purposeful nation: we are one aspect of that change.

Moses holds a Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Rwanda, an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Italy, an Impact Entrepreneurship MBA from Uganda Martyrs University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Kyambogo University.

Prior to joining Rwanda Leaders’ School in 2019, Moses served as the Administrator and first Principal of Kivu Hills Academy, as a Director of Kigali Christian School secondary section and also lectured and developed programs at Akilah Institute for Women.

He has worked in the education sector in both Uganda and Rwanda. He has been in the Education field since his first graduation in 2007.

Moses is passionate about sustainable Education models and is eager to be part of this opportunity to make a difference in Rwanda.