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March Newsletter 2024 . Karl’s visit to Campus…Read More  

December Newsletter 2023 15-Year Vision… Read More (pdf)

October Newsletter 2023 ’23 Graduation …  Read more (pdf)

June Newsletter 2023 Tugende! ’23 …  Read more (pdf)

March Newsletter 2023 Looking Ahead 2023-2038… Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2022 Gratitude and Reflection… Read more (pdf)

September Newsletter 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                Trip of a lifetime …  Read more (pdf)

July Newsletter 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                    Homecoming 2022 …    Read more (pdf)

March Newsletter 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                        Launch our Library!!! …    Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2021
You can make a difference… Read more (pdf)

September Newsletter 2021
Congratulations to our class of 2021… Read more (pdf)

April Newsletter 2021
15 Years of Leadership in East Africa… Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2020
Post COVID plans…  Read more (pdf)

August Newsletter 2020
School Reopening…Read more (pdf)

July Newsletter 2020
Humanitarian Support…Read more (pdf)

April Newsletter 2020
Coronavirus Update…Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2019
A Lasting Legacy… Read more (pdf)

August 2019
RLS Installs new Head of School… Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2018
Five-Year Master Plan…. Read more (pdf)

June Newsletter 2018
2018 Building Projects Announced…. Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2017
Robin announces retirement…. Read more (pdf)

April Newsletter 2017
An experience that changed my life…. Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2016
RSP 2016 Highlights…. Read more (pdf)

September Newsletter 2016
Homecoming Day. Nine of our sixteen graduates returned for our first homecoming…. Read more (pdf)

April Newsletter 2016
This class of 16 remarkable young people are ready to face their future and are eager to change the future of Rwanda!… Read more (pdf)

December Newsletter 2015
We saw him sitting by a pile of rocks, pounding them with a hammer into gravel at the construction site below our school – a boy, certainly not 18. Father Andrew and I made our way down to the foreman of the construction crew that is building the boys’ dormitory. “How old is he?” “Why isn’t he in school?” Rwanda has labor laws that don’t allow young people under 18 to be hired because they should be in school… Read more (pdf)

September Newsletter 2015
At our August 1, 2015 board meeting, we approved proceeding with the construction of a 100 bed boys’ dormitory.

For those of you who have been following our progress, you may remember that this January, 2015 we dedicated Kitao Hall (cafeteria), Sorensen Hall (girls’ dorm) and Tally Labs (science building). For the past several years, the boys have lived in a classroom and/or in rented rooms a bit more than a kilometer away from our campus. It is time for us to move the boys’ living space home to our campus!… Read more (pdf)

April Newsletter 2015
Both Carine and George come from families of six children with five boys and one girl. Both of them remarked that they have two parents, which in Rwanda is something young people often mention because that’s not a given in Rwanda’s post-war years… Read more (pdf).

December Newsletter 2014
Many of us have vivid memories of browsing the books in our school’s library. But in Rwanda, the typical school library may contain only a couple dozen books… Read more (pdf).

July Newsletter 2014
Community Lutheran Church (CLC) is dedicated to its connection with Rwanda School Project and the school it supports, Rwamagana Lutheran School… Read more (pdf).

April Newsletter 2014
With everyone anxiously awaiting the construction of our cafeteria, we are now less than a few weeks away from completion… Read more (pdf).

December Newsletter 2013
For the last three years a full sponsorship of $1,200 provided for one student to attend school… Read more (pdf).

July Newsletter 2013
We had an unusual invitation to send a teacher (Mr. Mutambarungu Jean Pierre) and two students (from S2) to Colorado for a month-long sister school exchange at Silverton Public School, also an Expeditionary Learning school…. Read more (pdf).

December Newsletter 2012
We have just moved into our new dormitory which will house 30 girls… Read more (pdf).

September Newsletter 2012
I have returned inspired by the wonderful and welcoming people of Rwanda! … Read more (pdf).

July Newsletter 2012
Our enrollment has grown from 40 students to 70. We have 14 students who are paying full tuition, 36 students with sponsors, and 20 students who are awaiting a sponsor… Read more (pdf).

March Newsletter 2012
Our school was built on the faith of many people in Rwanda and the world who believed in a dream and the people behind that dream, even though sometimes it felt like we were deep in Rwandan red clay mud just after a hard rain… Read more (pdf).

December Newsletter 2011
This summer, for fourteen days, I spent some of my best moments in a new world with a group of people I came to love… Read more (pdf).

September Newsletter 2011
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ice skate having never seen ice before?… Read more (pdf).

June Newsletter 2011
What is the Rwanda School Project? … Read more (pdf).


Moses holds a Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Rwanda, an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Italy, an Impact Entrepreneurship MBA from Uganda Martyrs University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Kyambogo University.

Prior to joining Rwanda Leaders’ School in 2019, Moses served as the Administrator and first Principal of Kivu Hills Academy, as a Director of Kigali Christian School secondary section and also lectured and developed programs at Akilah Institute for Women.

He has worked in the education sector in both Uganda and Rwanda. He has been in the Education field since his first graduation in 2007.

Moses is passionate about sustainable Education models and is eager to be part of this opportunity to make a difference in Rwanda.