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Sponsor a Student

Your sponsorship means the world to a needy student! $180 a month (or $2,160 a year) covers a student’s tuition, uniforms, meals, books and supplies.

What do I need to do to become a sponsor?
New sponsors need to complete the sponsorship form accessed by the link at the top of this page.  Once you have made the commitment, you will  be matched with a student and receive a photo and some information about them.

Are all the students sponsored?
No. Some parents pay full fees, and others are given a partial sponsorship and they pay the remaining fees. All students pay something in some way so that they also take ownership for their education. Some of our older orphaned students do part time work at the school so that they can contribute to their education. However, the cost to educate one student for a year exceeds the cost paid by the parents in Rwanda.

Do all students board at school?
About 80% of our students board and the rest are day students who live nearby. Many families prefer boarding because it creates greater opportunities for studying and using school resources. For some students, living at home is a major disadvantage if they have no electricity and are overwhelmed with chores (fetching water, caring for children, and cooking are all very labor intensive in a poor household). Some students come from remote rural areas.

How about communication with the student I sponsor?
Sponsors should receive two letters a year from the student, along with a photo and information about their student. While writing to your sponsored student is not required, your letters are much appreciated!

We discourage donors from sending gifts valued over $10 and we also remind students not to ask their sponsors for additional money or gifts. We want them to appreciate your significant contribution toward their education and also minimize hard feelings between students.

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