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Robin was our Founder and served as Head of School and Program Director from 2005 to 2019.  Robin wrote newsletters from 2009 to 2012 when we began the publication of our official newsletter.

Robin’s Summer Newsletter 2012
On Saturday, July 21, we said good-bye to students as they left for their summer holidays…
Read more (pdf).

Robin’s Fall Newsletter 2011
It is the rainy season in Rwanda, a time of dramatically stacked clouds of white and silver and black and streaky pink and orange sunsets, a time when mornings are chilly and you need blankets at night. Everything is lush and green… Read more (pdf).

Robin’s July Newsletter 2011
Birthdays in Rwanda usually don’t merit much attention, but we celebrated the official birth of our school on May 7th and it was a wonderful occasion. In the days beforehand… Read more (pdf).

Robin’s November Newsletter 2009
“Thomas was late because of lost cows.” This notation in our daily log at the school says a lot about the differences between Rwanda and the USA in terms of the issues that affect our students’ lives. Read more (pdf).

Robin’s July Newsletter 2010
Peter, our English-History teacher, was sitting at the back of the room in May as teams of students presented their findings about the various creation stories of religions around the world. Read more (pdf).

Robin’s May Newsletter 2009
The snacks were laid out, the rooms were swept, the student papers were ready in the folders and I was both nervous and excited about our first parents’ Visitation Day at Rwamagana Lutheran School’s English Enrichment Program. Read more (pdf).

Robin’s February Newsletter 2011
For us at Rwamagana Lutheran School, it is indeed a new year, because the school year also starts in January. Read more (pdf).

Robin’s January Newsletter 2009
The Inauguration Committee for President-Elect Obama must have felt it: that nervous flutter of anticipation and anxiety and the last-minute dashing to arrange the details before the Big Event. Read more (pdf).

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