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Mission & Vision



We provide high quality secondary education in Rwanda by offering a secure and nurturing school environment that transforms vulnerable youth into future leaders and problem solvers who champion environmental sustainability and social change.  It is all about our students…. our 2021-2022 student body says “Thank You!!!”



We envision quality secondary education that is universally accessible and equitable, with the aim that Rwanda’s youth will be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to develop into the next generation of skilled and compassionate leaders.


We set standards for responsibility and high achievement, and develop an inclusive, supportive, and trusting student body that is able to leverage critical thinking and make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond. Core to our philosophy is experiential learning, a pedagogy that empowers students through cross disciplinary instruction, project-based learning, global awareness, and character building. Founded upon the principles of Christianity, we recognize and acknowledge students from all religious backgrounds and beliefs by promoting a school culture of awareness, respect, and tolerance.

In 2022-2024, we welcomed 241 students (107 girls and 134 boys). Eighty-eight percent of students live on campus.

Moses holds a Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Rwanda, an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Italy, an Impact Entrepreneurship MBA from Uganda Martyrs University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Kyambogo University.

Prior to joining Rwanda Leaders’ School in 2019, Moses served as the Administrator and first Principal of Kivu Hills Academy, as a Director of Kigali Christian School secondary section and also lectured and developed programs at Akilah Institute for Women.

He has worked in the education sector in both Uganda and Rwanda. He has been in the Education field since his first graduation in 2007.

Moses is passionate about sustainable Education models and is eager to be part of this opportunity to make a difference in Rwanda.