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Master Plan

Carving Our Dream From A Hillside


In 2004, there was one university in Rwanda — now there are seventeen. International university recruiters have begun to discover Rwanda, and we have launched an after-school study program for students who qualify for advanced tutoring. Now, in 2024, our graduates have started NGOs, studied in Germany and the United States, as well as obtaining college degrees in Africa. They are making the goal, “Changing the future of Rwanda, one student at a time” a reality.

Future Vision: We have two big dreams for our future!

This plan was adopted in November 2023.

  • BIG DREAM #1: Be the best!

  • Our Mission: Educate students to be leaders in Rwandan society.
  • Establish our place as a preeminent secondary school in Rwanda.
  • Graduate the best students.
  • Hire and keep the best teachers.
  • Organize in-service training for our teachers.
  • Foster and grow a passion for EL principles.
  • Create a clear statement about what sets us apart from other schools.
  • Create a plan to reward excellence in teaching.
  • BIG DREAM #2: Double in size!

  • Grow to 400 boarding students.
  • Build the necessary campus to support those students.
  • Purchase more land adjacent to current campus.
  • Add an additional 200 beds (100 for boys and 100 for girls).
  • Add additional classrooms.
  • Expand cafeteria.
  • Build a sport complex.
  • Provide teacher housing.
  • See the Future Vision for our campus (scroll down).

Brick and Mortar

Our campus is about 5.5 acres and is located in Rwamagana, Rwanda, the capital of both the Rwamagana District and the Eastern Province.  It is about 31 miles from Kigali and has a population of about 50,0000.

Here is our campus in 2024:

Girls' Dorm
(100 Beds)

Founders' Hall
(10 Classrooms)





Lab Classroom

Tally Labs
2 Classrooms

Boys' Dorm
(60 Beds)

Boys' Dorm
(40 Beds)

Future Vision

  • 11. Purchase land
  • 12. 50-bed girls’ dorm (2026)
  • 13.  4-classroom addition (2028)
  • 14. 100-bed boys’ dorm (2030)
  • 15. Sport complex (2032)
  • 16. 50-bed girls’ dorm addition (2034)
  • 17. Cafeteria extension (2036)
  • 18.  Teacher housing

Master Plan

In October 2021, we adopted a five-year master plan with three goals:

Goal #1: Sponsorship income grows to over $205,000/yr. by 2026.

Goal #2: Increase student population to 240 by 2026.

Goal #3: Limit budgeted expense growth to 1%/yr for years 2021-2026.

Reaching these goals will ensure our financial stability for years to come.  You can read this master plan by clicking on the following document: 2021 Fund-Raising Master Plan

Moses holds a Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Rwanda, an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Italy, an Impact Entrepreneurship MBA from Uganda Martyrs University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Kyambogo University.

Prior to joining Rwanda Leaders’ School in 2019, Moses served as the Administrator and first Principal of Kivu Hills Academy, as a Director of Kigali Christian School secondary section and also lectured and developed programs at Akilah Institute for Women.

He has worked in the education sector in both Uganda and Rwanda. He has been in the Education field since his first graduation in 2007.

Moses is passionate about sustainable Education models and is eager to be part of this opportunity to make a difference in Rwanda.